5 reasons why you should never send your car to Franchised auto shops

Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017


  1) Are you sure Experienced Professionals are working on your vehicle? 🤔 Franchise Operated shops generally consider the bottom line first - which means their service infrastructure generally relies on a single lead technician surrounded by rest helpers, interns and the like. At Integrity-1st Auto, you can be assured that every hand touching your vehicle is that of a highly skilled and experienced Automotive Professional.   2) It's a bird, it's a... [read more]

9 Reasons to Choose Integrity-1st Auto

Sunday Apr 23rd, 2017


With so many options available, finding a reliable and honest source for your car needs can seem daunting. It's important to audit your servicing provider to professionals who not only provide you quality work, but also operate with dealer-level technologies and equipment. Finally, it's equally important to ensure your hard earned money isn't being allocated to overheads, franchise fees, and other unnecessary expenditure. Here are 9 reasons why you should bring your... [read more]