5 reasons why you should never send your car to Franchised auto shops

Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017



1) Are you sure Experienced Professionals are working on your vehicle? 🤔

Franchise Operated shops generally consider the bottom line first - which means their service infrastructure generally relies on a single lead technician surrounded by rest helpers, interns and the like.

At Integrity-1st Auto, you can be assured that every hand touching your vehicle is that of a highly skilled and experienced Automotive Professional.


2) It's a bird, it's a plane - no wait, it's your money flying away 💸 

Franchise operated shops are exactly that --- franchises. This means with every service you recieve, the shop must take into account franchise royalties, large overheads, advertising fees etc.

At Integrity-1st Auto, we are not franchise owned and operated. Therefore, there are no large overheads, royalties, or other nonsense getting in the way of great savings! You're paying for one thing, exceptional auto service.


3) Accountability Matters 🤝

Franchise operated shops offer expensive, and often uncomprehensive warranty policies. Which leaves you vulnerable, and distances the Franchise of liability.

At Integrity-1st Auto we strive to build long lasting relationships. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing Dealer-level warranties at a fraction of the cost.


4) Time is Money ⏰ 

At Integrity-1st Auto, we understand how important it is that your vehicle hurdles are resolved as fast as possible. This is why the majority of our work is completed on the very same-day. 

Franchise operated shops generally take days or even weeks to resolve your auto troubles. Why suffer unnecessary inconvenience? 


5) Are you dealing with a Technician or a Sales Rep? 😤 

It's no secret, along with a lack of professional technicians, Franchised Auto-Shops are requested to meet increasing sales targets every quarter. This is why your simple request for an 'Oil Change' becomes a lengthy conversation leading you to beleive your car is about to fall apart and requires extensive work.

At Integrity-1st Auto, we have a strict no games, no gimmicks, no unnecessary upselling policy. We're in the business of service, not sales.



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